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Article   25 Dec 2020

website vulnerability scanner is a free web security scanning tool. With this online tool you can check the security of your website. Actually with this online scanning tool you can check more security issues like SQLi, XSS, OS Commands, etc... Here you have two posibility to scan your web application. First way is free plan. Here you will check the security issues but you cant scann the landing pages and in the repport you will not have posibility to view the method how can you solve that issues. In the PRO version, you will have a full scann posibility and in the repport you will see exactly what links contain security problem and the procedure how solve that individual issue. This link is for your online web application scanning tool, but there you have more tools where you can verify if you have an antivirus installed and if work corectly. The method is named EICAR method and there on you can find this methos and can check exactly if you have or not something for your device protection. Other important tool is the networking issue checks. Fort this have an other online security tool named portscaner. Here you can scan your individual ports where you will see if that port is open or closed, and you will see exactly what type of daemon rund there and the other option is to scan more ports with just some clicks. This step will help you to reduce the timing and you will have an image about your network. The beautiful ideea on this is as this is a free tool. So you can use without any restriction . In conclusion if you will work with this online security tool you will have an big image about your internet infrastructure for free and you will can solve the security issues before any hacker discover that and exploit them.

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